Our History

Rolex and Siam Swiss


Kamol Poolsathitiwat’s determination to improve himself led him to start a lifelong working relationship with Rolex and the establishment of Siam Swiss into a trusted luxury watch retail chain. With three boutiques in popular and iconic shopping districts in Bangkok, Siam Swiss looks set to flourish even further with the induction of the third generation of the Poolsathitiwat family to the business.

Dream Fulfilled

Kamol Poolsathitiwat’s longstanding relationship with Rolex began in 1952. He was then a 14-year-old boy whose friend encouraged him to find a career in watchmaking. His love for the brand as well as his dedication to work pushed him to excel at Rolex S.A.B (Thailand). Keen to gain further experience, he travelled to the US, where he started a small business, before returning to Bangkok in 1978. The following year, spurred on by the entrepreneurial spirit in him, Poolsathitiwat decided to strike it out on his own. He established the first Siam Swiss boutique at Siam Square Soi 5, which was in a popular shopping district in Bangkok. The life-long Rolex enthusiast fulfilled his dream when he became an Official Rolex Retailer. Siam Swiss occupied the premises of a single shophouse, which measured 54sqm. Staffed by seven employees, business at the boutique was brisk from the beginning.

Kamol Poolsathitiwat Siam Swiss Rolex Founder

New Beginnings

Fuelled by Poolsathitiwat’s experience gained over the years and driven by his astute market knowledge, Siam Swiss grew from strength to strength. Equipped with the same beliefs in an unrivalled reputation for quality and expertise, the business flourished with Rolex at its core. The days would get so busy for him that lunch was a non-affair and that he would spend all his free time at the boutique. Despite being occupied with business at Siam Swiss, he also found time to lay the foundation for the next generation, sending his son Kusol to Singapore to further his education. Kusol’s time in Singapore gave him the opportunity to work in Rolex Singapore, amassing invaluable experience with the Swiss watch brand until his return to Siam Swiss in Bangkok seven years later.

Inside Siam Swiss the Original Rolex Boutique

A New Chapter

Noticing the number of residential projects under development in the Bangna district, Poolsathitiwat started making expansion plans in the early Nineties. He recognised that the Central Bangna shopping mall boasted potential to become one of the most popular in Bangkok, thus opening the second Siam Swiss boutique there in 1992. Measuring 60sqm, the store was located in the plaza zone of the shopping mall. True to his assessment, people thronged the mall upon its opening, leading to heavy footfall and presenting numerous new business opportunities for Siam Swiss.

Siam Swiss Central Bangna Original Rolex Boutique

Build Upon Success

Following the success of the two Siam Swiss boutiques at Siam and Bangna, Poolsathitiwat wanted to further strengthen his business and cement the chain’s status of a purveyor of Rolex timepieces. This time, he had his eye on the Silom area, which was fast becoming one of Bangkok’s premier cosmopolitan areas. In 1996, Poolsathitiwat decided to invest in a 80sqm space on the first floor of a private building, comparing the location’s environment to that of Singapore’s Orchard Road. At the same time, Poolsathitiwat worked on training his staff, equipping them with good product knowledge and pushing them to maintain a high level of customer service constantly. All these contributed to Siam Swiss’s sustained success that has been fortified over the last four decades since its establishment.

Siam Swiss Silom Rolex Boutique Building with Rolex clock tower

Siam Swiss Today

Till this day, Siam Swiss remains an Official Rolex Retailer and is proud to be part of the worldwide network of Official Rolex Retailers, authorised to sell and maintain Rolex watches. Built on the same foundations of excellence and an unrivalled reputation for quality and expertise, Siam Swiss has solidified its position as an Official Rolex Retailer and endeavours to continue upholding the essence of the brand under the leadership of the third generation of the Poolsathitiwat family. Today, in each of the Siam Swiss boutique, customers can view and enjoy a wide selection of Rolex timepieces in a luxurious and spacious environment that radiates the elegant Rolex aesthetics.

Siam Swiss at Siam Square Rolex Flagship Boutique
Siam Swiss Siam Square Rolex Boutique